A Russian perspective on media coverage of the crisis in Ukraine

ST Readers' Post contributor DMITRY RYAKHOVSKIY feels that media, including The Straits Times, should offer fairer and balanced coverage to the ongoing crisis in the Ukraine. Why is it all right when pro-Western countries split or re-unite but not when such circumstances involve pro-Russian interests, he asks? Mr Ryakhovsky is the press secretary to the Russian embassy in Singapore.

Caption: Why, asks Mr Ryakhovskiy, does the Western media slant its coverage on the crisis in Ukraine such as, for instance, highlighting a perceived anti-referendum vote when an overwhelming 97 percent of Crimeans voted for seceding and re-uniting with the Russian Federation. File photo: Agence-France Presse

ST tells why it disagrees with Minister's remark over inaccuracy

LAST Friday, Acting Minister for Manpower Tan Chuan-Jin alluded to an article http://bit.ly/1hJJCi4 in his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TanChuanJin1. He expressed surprise that the article stated that the Filipino organisers of their independence day celebration in Singapore were being targeted. He wrote: "It was the reported 26,000 'likes' for the page that "is against the celebration of the Philippine Independence Day here" that raised my brows. As it turned out, the reporting was inaccurate. It was actually the post against the activity itself that garnered several hundred 'likes'. The page that hosted it was the one that had the twenty-over thousand likes."  **

               On Monday,  The Straits Times emailed Mr Tan to explain why ST did not concur with his remark, and stated the reasons  for the article’s publication. 



City Harvest: Media shouldn't go ga-ga over Serina Wee


The gravity of the reportage of the City Harvest trial has been eclipsed by the media circus surrounding the fashion sense of one of the accused Serina Wee. Sadly, The Straits Times virtually appears to be encouraging this. As a public relations practitioner, I am always mindful and constantly reminding my clients that ST will not promote or endorse individuals or products in their editorials. How do I then justify the exception made by this article (Ex-finance manager goes into fashion business, Jan 15)? Why provide free advertising and publicity for a suspect in a corruption case. Is the article newsworthy? 


City Harvest trial: Defence grills auditor about what she knew
Ex-finance manager Serina Wee goes into fashion business



ST essay on fateful Malaysia Airlines flight well worth a read

FOREIGN editor Ravi Velloor's essay on missing Malaysian Airlines plane MH370 (“Four weeks on, still no dawn’’; April 5) shows why he is one of the better writers in The Straits Times, says ST reader KAI-TAMIN GOH. She7compliments the essay for its sensitive writing and balanced view.


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