30 Days Of Art

Kopi, laksa and window shopping are quintessentially Singaporean pursuits. So it is no surprise that they are celebrated in chamber opera company L'arietta's A Singapore Trilogy.
The months after are pretty routine, boring even. Public spaces, hawker centres and theatres are packed again while, for many, evenings mean window shopping. Cross-border travel resumes fully. People believe that they are returning to the lives they had when what they are trying to reach is a memory to recreate.
Actor Erwin Shah Ismail has been a computer network engineer and, in his theatre career, he has played the ukulele, danced and performed stunts.
We are not used to a calamity that comes from within.
Sriwana, founded in 1950, is one of the oldest performing arts groups in Singapore.
For contemporary dance company P7:1SMA, the commission for the National Arts Council and The Straits Times' 30 Days Of Art series offered a chance to put into practice some ideas the group had been discussing.
Award-winning graphic artist Koh Hong Teng has an eye for detail.