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Welcome to The Straits Times Readers' Post. Please take a few minutes to read our guidelines for posting your view or query. We prefer you to use your real names when messaging us a post because we believe that is the credible and right thing to do. We encourage postings that are accurate and concise, and specific to the point of discussion. We shall also remove potentially seditious or libellous remarks, postings that contain personal attacks and threats as well as those which violate our laws on racial and religious harmony. We will remove postings sent repeatedly or which have no relation to the discussion. We shall shall not allow the postings containing hyperlinks to content which are unrelated to the subject under discussion. Postings promoting product or service promotions will be removed. Comments that are obscene or contain expletives or abusive language will be excluded as will postings which potentially infringe copyrighted material. Finally, and not least, please email us at if you wish us to consider removing postings which you think violate these guidelines.

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