Forum: Supermarkets should take cue from Giant's move

I applaud supermarket chain Giant's initiative to reduce the prices of 650 daily essentials for six months (Giant to lower prices of essentials for 6 months, Sept 24).

Every cent counts, especially during this period of hardship and uncertainty due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Many people have been hard hit by the loss of jobs and pay cuts, and prudence is the order of the day.

Lowering the prices of essential food items will certainly help strengthen the family meal budget.

Besides Giant's price reduction move and FairPrice's price freeze of 100 house brand items, I hope other major supermarket chains will follow suit (FairPrice freezes prices of 100 daily essentials till year end, June 23).

All these benefits will help cushion the financial hardship during the economic downturn.

More than anything else, such a benevolent move is a pivotal part of corporate social responsibility of a large business corporation.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng