Forum: On Facebook: Flights to nowhere

Would you go on a flight to nowhere?

Flying has not generally been considered an enjoyable experience, except it can take us across distances and continents. The flight service has to be good so as to minimise the anguish and discomfort of flying. Unlike with a cruise, where people can move around, engage in many activities and enjoy good food, flying without purpose is not palatable.

Dae Low

I would see this as a way to keep our pilots and flight attendants employed. Everyone is trying to survive in this economic downturn.

Billy Tan

If Singapore Airlines (SIA) is smart, the flight to nowhere would be much like the flights in Taiwan or Australia, which take a route for sightseeing. Business- and first-class tickets would be cheaper so it can be an opportunity for those who have never experienced it.

Wu Kai Ling

Frankly, I'd rather take a bus or taxi ride to nowhere. I get to see the surroundings.

Makes so much more sense than flying to nowhere. Nothing to see except clouds, confined to a small space for a prolonged period of time, where the legroom is smaller than that of a bus and taxi. And worse, going through all the security.

Chong Kian Beng

It's typical human selfishness at play here - self-entitlement, privileged mentality. Flights were meant to be an efficient mode of transport to a destination; flights to nowhere are just environmentally unfriendly.

Jes Chan

It had better be much more than the regular SIA service. This airline will have to be exceptional in its flights to nowhere or it will virtually be out of business pretty soon.

Dexter Lee

I used to fly frequently in my previous career. SIA is one of

the best in-flight service airlines. I would take my children for a flight to nowhere for them to have some fun and also to support our national airline.

George Er

The amount of money can be spent on a nice meal or high tea with friends in a good hotel in Singapore.

Jerms Lin

If people can afford it and are bored to death, well, why not?

Hira Ahmadi

It's one way to generate some income, update pilots' flying hours and training, plus to warm up the turbines. Just imagine your car parked for months without cranking up the engine. End result? Tow to the workshop.

Koh Kheng Joo Johnson

SIA has been most kind to refund or defer travel with no penalty. Did not experience that support from other airlines, so I will support SIA.

Ruth Soh

Now it's time to save money and be careful with how we spend. Is it really worth spending money on a flight to nowhere?

Nicholas Russell