Forum: Changes to liberal studies in HK worrying

The report on the Hong Kong government's proposal to change the way liberal studies is taught there sent chills down my spine (HK govt task force proposes changes to liberal studies, Sept 23).

Among the changes are doing away with current affairs discussions and vetting the content.

The reason offered by the authorities is that "newly emerging current issues that are still developing are not suitable because when events are still developing, it is difficult for teachers and students to conclude without the benefit of hindsight or verify the objectivity and reliability of the data... to engage in impartial and evidence-based discussions".

The quickest way to isolate students and teachers from the real world is to do away with current affairs discussions in liberal studies.

What a way to dumb the students and teachers, and what a dogmatic assertion that hindsight is the only way to learn.

Let this never happen to Singapore.

Thomas Lee Hock Seng (Dr)