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Cops eased evacuation process

My family members were among those evacuated during the fire at Block 138C, Lorong 1A Toa Payoh last Saturday (300 evacuated as fire breaks out at Toa Payoh block, Aug 30).

We thank three people in particular - Sergeant Kenneth Toh, Sergeant Heidi Ow and Sergeant Gary Lew - for their professionalism, care, quick thinking and empathy during the whole incident.

Among those evacuated that day was our son. The evacuation process for him was complicated by his medical fragility and the complex care he needed. He is 12 years old and bedridden with multiple severe disabilities. Weighing 32kg, he relies on a ventilator to breathe and a suction machine to clear his airways, while seated in his 20kg assistive buggy.

The three police officers stayed with us outside our unit the whole time while radioing and waiting for lift evacuation, as well as updating us about the developing situation.

They also strategised with us on feasible ways of moving our son safely. When the lift was accessible only on the lower floors, the officers volunteered to carry him down the stairwell.

Due to their care, our son was delivered safely into the good hands of the paramedics. Their reassuring presence helped us cope with the harrowing experience that day.

Marie-Anne Goh Meow Khim

Surprising note from Traffic Police

I recently received a notification from the Traffic Police with the subject heading Thank You For Keeping Our Roads Safe.

The note commended me for keeping a clean traffic record the last five years as I did not chalk up any demerit points.

I thank the Traffic Police for making the effort to commend me and other such drivers.

To encourage more drivers to drive safely, I suggest the Traffic Police introduce an incentive programme.

One way is to provide a road tax rebate or discount annually as long as the drivers keep a clean record. Drivers with demerit points should be made to pay additional tax on top of the annual road tax.

This would help inculcate better driving habits.

Nam Lee Seng

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